The Holy Name Men’s Club has always been known as the group that maintains the field house and athletic programs for the Holy Name community. The club has been fundraising since its inception in the early 1940's. It all started with Christmas Trees and over time other annual events were created, including an Alumni Basketball Tournament, a 500 Club, two sweepstakes fundraisers and most popular today, the Fish Fry's of Lent. The Holy Name Men's Club is known as the grandfather of fish fry's, starting the first of its kind in Omaha in 1981. For forty years the Lenten Fish Fry continues to be a primary event experi­enced by thousands of Omaha residents each year.

The Holy Name Men’s Club has embarked on the largest fundraising campaign in its history. The Restore the Glory Campaign for the Holy Name Field House. The dream for the field house began over a decade ago. Our vision has a solid plan to become a reality. The renovation and expansion will support the surrounding community, the parish and the school. The renovation of this iconic building will keep the Holy Name campus and community cemented in the neighborhood for the twenty first century. We invite you to join us in this effort to continue to support so many children and families as we Restore the Glory for the Holy Name Field House.

Downey Fitzgerald
Holy Name Men’s Club, President 

James Goodman
HNMC Restore the Glory Campaign, President 


Our Mission and History

The mission of the Holy Name Men’s Club is to further the tradition of athletic, educational, and spiritual development for the children and families of Holy Name Parish, Holy Name School and those living in the greater Northeast Omaha community.

The Holy Name Men's Club has a rich history in the northeast area of Omaha. As the nation prepared for the second world war the men of Holy Name Parish gathered regularly as the Holy Name Society. In an article from January 1952, it was stated that over 700 men came together for a prayer hour as the North Side Holy Name Society and the same number came together in south Omaha. The spiritual support was the beginning of the Holy Name Men's Club. The work of the Men's Club predates the earliest writing about the Holy Name Society, as the men of the parish formed the Holy Name Men's Club in 1944.

The athletic programs at Holy Name High School were becoming a force to be reckoned with across the region. Talk of building a proper gymnasium began in earnest and ground was broken in 1949. Literally hundreds of students and children from the surrounding neighborhood have made memories that will last a life time. Physical education classes, Class A, B and C athletic championships, proms and homecomings. Over time other events and activities are added; the Harvest event, extended learning programs and spiritual retreats. The Holy Name Men's Club has continued to focus on two areas; increasing the tradition of athletic sportsmanship, spirituality and fundraising for the needs of this community.

The presence of the Men's Club throughout these past seventy years is formidable and includes the following:

  • Monthly meeting
  • A 500 Club
  • The Alumni Basketball Tournament
  • Two different sweepstakes events.
  • FryDays of Lent: 40 years of providing a great meal and camaraderie for thousands of people
  • Catholic High School tuition assistance for Holy Name School 8th Grade graduates.
  • Funding for installation of a technology lab, white boards and projectors in Holy Name School classrooms.
  • Cafeteria: Replaced ceiling and floor tiles and installed new lighting. Replaced numerous entry doors on campus.
  • Little Gym: Paint and other maintenance upkeep
  • Annual stipend for an Athletic Director for Intramural sports
  • Holy Name School Parent club summer celebration
  • Holy Name School Hike end of school year celebration
  • Annual financial support: Gifts to teachers, gifts to parish, gifts to school
  • General maintenance of the Field House
  • Rambler Rumble Boxing events

Join the Men's Athletic Club

Monthly meeting of the Men's Club are held on the 1st Monday of each month.
If the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting moves to the second Monday.
Gentlemen gather at 6:00 pm for Darts or Horse Shoes
Meeting begins at 7:00 pm

Contact Us:
James Goodman, President
Holy Name Men's Club
P. O. Box 4835
Omaha, NE 68104

Many thanks to our project and community partners